Hummingbird Stories

  We have included in this section a collection of experiences submitted by visitors to our site.   All of these stories express the joy associated with hummingbirds.

The first story is shared by Karen Kennedy from Beverly Hills, California:


This is my testimonial for the hummingbirds for your website...

When I heard of my daughter's brain cancer, it was so overwhelming, I immediately asked GOD to help me in everyway he could to give me the strength and comfort.

I love birds.  The neighborhood that I moved to recently was without
birds.  I decided to hang out my bird house that my daughter gave me for Christmas.  Birds started to arrive.  Big birds, little birds, all species to include a squirrel.

Than my friend Alan told me he was putting up a website of "ALL
ABOUT HUMMINGBIRDS".  So I thought OK. How do I attract Hummingbirds?  I went to my friendly pet shop and got a bright red
feeder in addition to strawberry nectar.  I put the two together and hung them in my tree.  Two days later, a beautiful green hummingbird with a red throat arrived.  When I saw it, the beauty and the delicacy of this bird
were behond anything immaginable.  I cried so hard with happiness.
The tears relieved me of so much stress, and I knew this little angel
in the form of a bird had come from the higher kingdom to help me.

That little bird comes to visit me everyday, and now it has brought another little friend , a little brown bird in color, with white feathers. They have different feeding times.  One in the morning and the other
in the evening.  Because of the feeding time of visiting, they keep my
whole day in joy.

GOD has his way of always letting us know he is with us, all we have
to do is listen and see his beauty.

God Bless You
The next story is from Alan Linde.   

The next story comes from Alan Linde:
I was meditating in a beautiful garden at a Catholic monestary in Malibu when all of a sudden I heard a loud humming sound in front of me.  I opened my eyes and there was a little hummingbird about 2 feet in front of me sipping nectar from a flower.  It was an amazing experience to observe so close.  I felt I could have reached out and touched my visitor but instead I simply watched and appreciated the  moment.

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