All About Hummingbirds

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We have created a hummingbird haven of information, products, and services ....everything from attracting hummingbirds to your garden and caring properly for them .... a selection of unique and special hummingbird gifts which reflect the beauty of these magnificent birds .... to experiencing a very special bird watching vacation!

You may ask the lodging management in our guide, many are bird watcher's also, where the best places to find the birds you are looking for. Lots of them have bird feeders and gardens that attract birds right to their property.

Imagine observing the hummers up close with the sun reflecting the bright iridescent colored feathers, as they dart around your hummingbird garden sipping nectar from the flowers and from your special hummingbird feeder. 

It truly is a joy to watch and observe as they hover, fly backwards and forward and even up side down, moving their wings an incredible 38 to 200 times per second to accomplish such unbelievable feats of agility. 

We have divided the site into numerous sections which will give you a great deal of information about hummingbirds and their behavior. 

The site is very easy to navigate.

From figurines to feeders, there is something to satisfy the curiosity of all hummingbird lovers.

It is not difficult to attract hummingbirds almost anywhere in the United States and southern Canada if you create favorable habitats and put up hummingbird feeders. 

We will show you how to do this and reveal all the fascinating features of hummingbird behavior that will expand your enjoyment of these amazing birds.

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